Sheet Metal Fasteners . PSM International’s Sheet Metal Fasteners provide deep tapped female threads or studs to be used in conjunction with thin sheet metallic materials. Harrison Silverdale supply Sheet Metal Fasteners, Rivet Nuts , Self Clinch Fasteners, Rivet Bushes Sheet Metal , Self Tapping Self Drilling Screws Sharp Point and Drill Point Screws with Cutting Threads for Metal , Plastic or Wood. Sheet metal screws have sharp threads, sometimes referred to as self cutting or self threading screws, that cut into sheet metal , such as aluminum, plastic or wood.

Tell Us What You Want Let Us Find Your Fasteners . JHP Fasteners is an international, master distributor of industrial fastening products for sheet metal fabrication. PEM brand self-clinching blind fasteners provide permanently mounted blind threads in metal sheets as thin as .040”/1 mm. • Provides barrier to protect threads against foreign matter. Online shopping for plastic flush mounted sheet metal hole plugs and over 15,000 fasteners . Auto body specialty fasteners in stock and ready to ship.

From simple beginnings … Beginning in 1984 Byron Nelson, having a background in fastener distribution, opened Leland Industries inc. in a rented 1,500 sq. ft. facility in Markham, Ontario. Fasteners . STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers hereprehensive fastener portfolio in the industry. We understand the unique requirements of our customers, and we have or can manufacture any fastener you need. AIM Industries is a nationwide distributor of blind rivet nuts and industrial fasteners .We carry Bollhoff Rivnut blind rivets, Gesipa rivet fasteners and Marson Klik-Fast blind rivets.

Metal fasteners can be used to join materials such as wood, sheet metal , plastic or even fabrics together. Made from steel, brass, aluminum or other metals, these fasteners come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different projects.