Steel panel roofing The best choice for your next project, whether residential, commercial or agricultural. multi-tone colors (a Menards exclusive) were developed in warm, . The Pro-rib and Premium Pro-rib 3’ foot wide exposed fastener panel or Pro-snap 16 hidden fastener panel each provide a great look and are easy to install. All steel over 36' to 50' must be ordered at a Menards store and delivered directly to jobsite or picked up at the plant in Eau Claire. WI, Holiday City, OH, or Valley, NE. Delivery is extra. Additional packaging/handling charges required. Hidden fastener /pro-snap … Sep 01, 2017 Good Morning, I am looking at purchasing/installing a ProSnap hidden fastener metal roof on my house (manufactured by MidWest Industries, sold by Menards ). Our house has one layer of asphalt roofing , attic is well ventilated with 10 of insulation. The underlayment is solid.

Installing Menards Metal Roofing . By admin June 10, 2007. Installing Hidden Fastener Metal Roofing ; Corrugated Metal Roofing Menards ; Category: Metal Roofing Tags: metal roofing panels, metal roofing systems, roofing asphalt, seam metal roof , seam metal roofing , standing seam metal roofing . Compare Brands and shopping results for Menards Hidden Fastener Metal Roofing here. here has the best deals and lowest prices on Menards Hidden Fastener Metal Roofing Jun 09, 2008 Metal Roof, Exposed or concealed fasteners ? heree, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your . I'm leaning towards 16 wide concealed fastener roofing from Menards . Its more expensive than ribbed exposed fastener pole barn type roofing and it requires more bending at the bottom. I guess I'm concerned about the seal/

Jul 07, 2017 They delivered over 10k in defective metal roofing from Midwest Manufacturing and refuse to make it right to this day. Menards review rated 1.9/5.0 with Images: Built a new home last year and spent over 50k with Menards . I put this same hidden fastener roofing on my house (with 5 valleys), garage and shed. ROOFING . More Info Buy Now. Not all steel roofing is created equally! Midwest Manufacturing produces the highest quality steel roofing and backs it with the best warranty in the business. Don't trust something as important as your roof to anyone besides Midwest Manufacturing. Hidden Fastener Panels. Hidden fastener metal roofing panels have a “cleaner look,” but do require additional metal working skills, patience,

Home / Products / Roof / Concealed Fastening Roof Systems. Concealed fastener metal roofs provide excellent weather resistance and increased durability. These panels can be applied over conventional or wood-framed structures and are usually narrower than exposed fastener panels.