Our products are American made , right here at our plant in Harrison Township, Michigan. Click on a button below for more information about a particular product type. If you have any questions, contact us , and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can. Oct 09, 2018 How and Where to Buy American made in USA Products and Services, Who Manufactures Distributes Retails US Products, USA Directory . Fasteners, Nuts and Bolts , Screws, Rivets, Stainless Steel, Plugs, Pins, Turnbuckles, Eye Bolts , Hooks, Cold Finish Bars, Hex Nuts , Allen Nuts , Plugs, Self Tapping, Stainless Steel Cable, Gears, USA Made Fasteners North American Fasteners from the Largest fastener line in All Materials and Finishes of Bolts , Hex Head Cap Screws, Machine Bolts , Stainless Steel Bolts , Fasteners, from here. All the Fasteners available in this section are manufactured in America. For any help call 800-222-0324.

Founded in 2002, USA Fastener Group established itself as a recognized leader in the fastener industry. Located in Houston, Texas with nearly 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, USA Fastener has positioned itself to provide customers with … Our screws are cold formed from alloy steel and made in America. We specialize in short-run quantities of hard-to-find screws. There is no minimum quantity. Black Oxide Stainless Fasteners, screws, nuts , Washers. Servo and Flange Screws. Machine Screws. Sheet Metal Screws. Nuts . you may find that buying made in America items, such as made in America screws, is a wise choice.

MADE IN THE U.S.A – Certification Assured. Torx Pin style, Hex Pin style and high security screws, nuts and bolts made in USA. Loss Prevention Fasteners is your source for made in USA tamper resistant, tamper proof and high security fasteners. General information about the various fasteners that we carry. Stainless Steel Fasteners Corrosion Resistant Fasteners . For over 30 years American Fastener has specialized in fasteners made of corrosion-resistant materials. The use of such fasteners lengthens the life of equipment, reduces maintenance and repairs, and can prevent injury or death from product failure Follow this link for a corrosion-resistant fastener quote.